Slurries and Lime Wash

Brick and stone surfaces are naturally beautiful for homes and property. However, you may be interested in a way to add more character or charm to your masonry. Using slurries or a lime wash are an effective way to do that! At Masonry Solutions, Inc., we proudly offer installation services and repair services to the Houston metro area for projects big and small. These repair and installation services use a variety of lime slurries and washes to provide you with the best results for your residential or commercial building. 

What Are Slurries and Lime Wash?

Lime wash is sometimes referred to as “white wash.” It is made out of lime stone and water. When applied to a surface, it acts as a finish. The wash is able to create a beautiful antique appearance.

Slurries are similar to this wash made with lime stone. However, they are much thicker and more durable. Slurries can be used to fill large voids or spaces, such as the the space between bricks or stones, to create a vintage appearance.

Lime slurries and washes change over time. As time passes after the initial installation, the appearance may become more weathered. While you may choose to repair or redo the coats, the natural effects create a beautiful character detail to the property.

Lime Washed Wall | Slurries and Lime Wash serving Houston-Metro Area

How Do Wash Repair and Installation Services Work?

Lime Washed House | Slurries and Lime Wash serving Houston-Metro Area

Washes and slurries are both similar to paint, so to speak. This means they are carefully applied in coats. The number of coats applied will depend on your desired results.

Our installation services and repair services are available for many types of clients. We can help a variety of clients across the Houston metro area. In fact, we have previously helped many commercial and residential clients! Our previous work can help you better see the results we can achieve with lime slurries or washes.

Lime wash can be used on many different interior and exterior surfaces, such as:

  • Brick
  • Limestone
  • Masonry
  • Plaster
  • Stone

Slurries, including those with lime stone, can be used for many of the same surfaces. However, seeking a professional opinion is your best option. We encourage you to talk to our professionals about the goals for your project with slurries or a wash to help you choose the best method. They can also help you with a free estimate for your installation services or repair project. Our services are available for commercial and residential clients alike. We can provide an estimate no matter the size of our project.

Why Should You Choose Our Wash Repair and Installation Services?

Our family owned business is founded on principles to focus on delivering quality customer service. For example, we make every effort to deliver prompt and timely service. Above all, we make every effort to ensure you are completely satisfied with our repair and installation services.

Although we started our business in 2006, our professionals have more than 30 years of experience serving the Houston metro area. This provides them the unique experience and perspective to best serve you. Additionally, it helps them find the best solution for your specific repair or installation project.

When you choose our family business, you can trust you are receiving the best care and highest quality solutions.

We only use the best products for our projects for projects big and small. For additional peace of mind, we are fully insured. Also, we offer the best warranty in the industry in the Houston metro area to both residential and commercial clients.

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